Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I know, I know... We are well into 2016 and here I am posting like it happened 3 seconds ago. Fact is, this holiday I switched off and relaxed more than the usual amount. I don't know if it is old age finally making me relax and not work as much but fuck off already. I need to get back into the swing of things already and the holiday fog can return to whatever secluded beach (in my brain) it came from.
I need work brain to return but sadly it is still wiping sand from its crack and all the other orifices.

I stopped making new years resolutions a long time ago. Like 2 months (ok maybe 6 weeks) of trying too hard and always failing tends to catch up with a person.
However I do have a list of things I would like to accomplish this year and I am sure if I make it "informal" my rebellious (ok maybe lazy) side will not notice it too much.
So I am not even going to number the list, that shit is just wayyyy too formal.
So scratch off at least 3 subjects for my degree this year. And lose weight. Obviously I am always trying to lose weight. Why? Because food is delicious. Whomever invented the chemicals to make processed food so delicious and makes my brain and belly crave it all day long-I hope you fucking choke on it. (Choke on something interesting like a cheese grater for instance)
More tattoos. Yes because no one wants to buy me those adult colouring books. So fuck all of you.
I definitely want to go someplace I have not been before. South Africa is filled with beautiful places and I have much to discover.
Going shooting. This place we checked out has major guns like AK 47's. And yes I will shoot that mother. Just for the heck of it. Practising for the day the Zombies finally come and I can shoot everyone I hate in the face.
Get my garden into gear. Yes, I know we are in a drought but my garden is mediocre. Surely I can do something about it.
And that's it. The end of the unofficial list.
If I do it, great. If I don't, I have some more self-loathing to look forward to.
And on that subject. I am DONE with self-loathing for things I did back in the past. I am going to pack all those feelings back into the sweaty little suitcase and burning it. Fuck, it's over and done with. There is only so much self-reflection and regret and apologies that one can make. It is done, I can't change it. Whomever is not over things that happened over 3 years ago can go bite my right toenail. Yes the gross one with the ridges that I lost during soccer. Hahahahaha.
Enjoy your 2016 bitches. Buckle up, it's bound to get interesting!

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