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Fucking Stalkers

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  1. Riiiiight...Lisette, this will be the last time I engage with you directly because your desperate and exaggerated attempts at attention seeking clearly have no end, and some of us actually have a means of income that is not limited to bartering and trafficking in fellatio on street corners in the upper end of Lavender Hills.

    How dare I what exactly? I do whatever the fuck I please, I do not need your permission or consent to do anything. And as far as getting a lawyer, I can actually afford one! And speaking of pending litigation, if you had absolutely anything to substantiate your claims against the O's, why do you keep threatening? Grow a pair of tits and do it already!!! If they owed you anything at all, even the pittance you claim (not even enough for me or them to break a sweat over) you would have done something about it by now, other than this incessant stalking game you're playing. It's very sad, you need help!

    It seems like you want people to take pity on you...feel sorry for you...and quite honestly I admit that its working. It is a teensy bit pathetic and clearly a situation that is now reliant on either hand jobs or hand outs, whatever you can get, really.

    Do you honestly have nothing better to do than to beat the same tired old drum for over 5 years now? You claim that others stalk you and post nonsense and disgusting things on social media but in 5 years the only one harping on and on and on about facetious bullshit is you??? Do you ever get bored or do your binges cause you to black out and forget what you've done over and over and over again? get a hobby, learn to crochet or throw tupperware parties, bake pancakes at the local church bazaar, play lawnbowls or bingo. I'm sure it will occupy your time productively, may be a means of more stable, less morally consuming income, and it can take your mind off your obsessive unrequited lesbian tendencies aimed at Charmaine. I hear its also a great way for post-menopausal women such as yourself to make new friends.

    Before we commence radio silence, I would just like to touch on this topic for the last time. I can assure you that Charmaine has no sexual interest in you. She is a happily married woman, and shame on you for trying your shit with her. And I promise you now that endlessly stalking her and leaving her shameless loveletters on my pages will not change her mind.

    The O's, myself and the rest of the contributors to this page want nothing further to do with you. You have single handedly become the reason why we moderate comments. We will also no longer engage with you directly or indirectly, or publish any of your comments ever again, they go straight into our spam folder and thats where they'll stay. You are also banned on all of our communal and personal pages (well done for finding us over and over and over again, no matter how hard we try and escape you, that kind of perseverance deserves a special mention).

    Geeg will probably be unimpressed with me for writing this because she wants nothing to do with you. I find you entertaining though, or at least I used to.

    I know there is a lot of big words in here, but it will only be to your benefit to grow your vocabulary. Its also boring as shit to read the same crap you write over and over again and try make sense of it. We don't speak common, trashy, sheep-shagger or hoe, sorry!

    Keep well and do try get some help. When you apply for a SASSA card they can offer you some face to face counselling with a state certified social worker, and I'm sure if you ask nicely they will give you a garden facing room at Valkenberg.