Thursday, 12 November 2015

Cessation of Kin

I have not seen your face in forever
what would I say if I had to see you again? 
Would the disappoint engulf me
break me again like your empty promises? 
Or would I stand strong and just ignore 33 years of connections we used to have
Would childhood memories make me bitter
like the aftermath of how you disrespected me and others
Would it, could it ever be fixed
Millions of horrible memories
Could there ever be a plaster big enough to cover the gaping hole you left? 
This rotten flesh we have left to fester
will forever more be left to waste away
Rotting into oblivion
with bile coursing like rivers through our veins
Neither family, nor friends
Just an image of the bond we used to share
A memory that is now lost and soon will be burned forever 

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