Thursday, 5 April 2018

Holy shitballs

Yeah...I know. It has been years since I logged on and posted. What the heck.
Like GeeGee certainly happened. 
I am a year away from getting my degree. What a rollercoaster it has been. 3 distinctions later and I am still ready to pull my hair out. But I am not complaining (too much) has been good for me. It has placed a certain level of stress in my life, that has molded me into an adult.

I got married! Yeah I know. I never thought the day would arrive where I would get married. I was so against the whole institution of marriage and what it represented...and now I am someone's wife. A someone who is my whole world and I can't imagine life without her. Nothing has changed and that is what makes me so happy. We are still the same. We are our own people but we choose to live this life together. 

In-between all the other things happening in my life (promotions, house break ins, fights, angst, happiness, good and bad) I am at a place where I am happy. 
I have realized a lot of things. Who my real friends are for instance. Where I now know and understand that not everyone who pretends to have your back and pretends to be on your side, is actually on your side. This is a very harsh reality I had to learn. A person who I honestly thought was my friend, is a total stranger to me. I am glad the reality finally hit, even though it really hurts. I now know...and is not stuck in some illusion that person created.

I want to start writing again, even if it is just for me. So hold on...more may be on the way.

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  1. I love your truth Em and even lessons hard learned are always worth it... As humans I feel it's important to take stock and self edit when things don't feel right. And! Your wedding was beautiful, I am so super happy for you guys xx