Monday, 7 March 2016

Monday blues, the black dog and being bummed out for days.

I think the 21st century should be renamed the "Great Depression". Not just because it seems that every country in the world is experiencing an economic melt down of sorts. No, the world is filled with sadness, the kind that sucks you into a black hole. It seems our only rescue is liking that post on Facebook. You know, the one where a baby has been boiled by her parents and covered with 90% burns on her little pink body and YOUR like will give her 1000 prayers. Now type "amen" or you are a heartless cruel bitch.
Life itself is filled with hate and cruelty. Its not new but the age of Digital has made it all the more accessible. A thousand years ago, when slaves were beaten, animals were starved and children were boiled, we all just carried on with our lives. We were oblivious to the anger and rage that fed the masters of abuse and cruelty.
Now every day my Facebook wall is filled with requests to type "amen" and ignore if you are heartless. Pictures of starving children, animals, abuse, horror, buildings being torched and people being murdered flood my eyes. Does it help to let people know just how fucked up your fellow man can be? I will let you be the judge of that. For me....not so much.

The age of Digital has vastly enhanced our lives. Or has it really? Where is the "off" switch?
We work harder than we ever used to. We are available 24/7, hunched over our smartphones. Can we bear to miss anything? 10 years ago I worked my normal hours. I was available for 9 hours, then I went home and did my own thing. I switched off. Fast forward 10 years and I am now expected to be online for my company from 6am to 10pm. I do not get over time and the world might fold in on itself if I do not acknowledge a customer within an hour between 6am and 10pm. My life revolves around work. I dream about angry customers and not helping them manage their expectations.
In-between the masses of visuals where the cruelty of mankind is highlighted, angry customers, constantly working and people speaking badly of others; there is my life. No wonder I need chemicals to try and lift the foot on top of my head trying to drown me in the excrement that is SOCIETY.
Yes, it is a bad day serotonin wise. Is it a bad life? No. Because there is happiness and some kind of hope in it all.
I just hope the switch can get flipped to "off" soon. I hope all the posts on Social Media can be scrolled past without much feelings bubbling to the top. I hope, I hope, I hope.
I guess thats what keeps us going, the hope that things will change and your fellow man is not always a monster in disguise.

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  1. I just saw 7 very distressing posts on my newsfeed, all within a 10 minute window. Seeing how cruel our fellow humans can be really fucks up ones day. So if scrolling past makes me a pussy or gives the impression that I'm heartless? Then so be it. Great piece my friend...