Thursday, 29 October 2015

Intelligence and how being an "intellectual" does not always make you a good person.

I have a monster pet hate which drives me slightly insane and rabid at the best of times.
Now this does not apply to all people with high IQ's because Murasaki is one of the most intelligent people I know but she has never done this. (And I thank you for that!)
Speaking to a person who is considered "intellectual" and no doubt will leave my "tiny" IQ in the dust and they make you feel like you are an inbred, lacking, tiny little spec of a moron.
You know who you are. You speak with your big words and throw in terms like asynchronous, saxicolous and concupiscent in a normal everyday conversation. 

My problem is not with using interesting words as I love words and meanings. It is when you can see the person uses it to ensure the other is aware of just how clever they are and try to gain the upper hand. It is all just a power play, now isn't it? I have met a few of these people who try and belittle you in little ways just to show you how "superior"" they are. You are not a wordsmith my dear. You are an asshole. 
I also find that the conversation is always one sided. With their opinions always taking the forefront and your ideas being discarded as silly or dismissed. They are not really interested in your opinion, just merely how great you think theirs is. Emotional vampires are what they are. 
These creatures are often bursting at the seams to tell you what they have achieved and it may or not be the actual truth. Strutting like peacocks so you can get a glimpse of every facet of their "magnificence". 
These conversations are always so blindly irritating because instead of just having a conversation and bouncing ideas off one another, you find yourself in a headlock by this vampire who is unwilling to let you go. You attempt to escape and they follow you, like pilot fish underneath a Great White belly. Unwilling to relinquish you just yet because they want to converse in even bigger words they have undoubtedly Googled and studied. Complete with facial expressions and snarky smiles. 
I abhor people who try to make out like they are better or more clever than what you are. True intellectuals who also have an emotional maturity about them never feel the need to do that. And I salute you, sir and madam. Thank you for having a normal conversation. One where we can be silly and discuss things that are not even remotely possible but it is fun nonetheless. 
Most of these very interesting specimens who feel the need to belittle others, do it so they can feel better about themselves. They must have incredibly low self-esteems. 
That is all I have to say on this subject. If you need me, I will be busy Googling some words. You know, for research purposes.
Le Strange

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  1. Seeing as I don't know the meanings of those big words at the top and I'm too lazy to look them up I guess it's clear that I am no intellectual. I do however know why dogs eat poop and why black people are so loud... :p Conversing with more than a few of those 'superior' intellects over the years I have come to realise that the reason I often don't have a clue what they're droning on about is because I get bored and my mind wanders. Maybe you do the same thing! Loved the piece xxx