Monday, 26 October 2015

Emily Le Strange

I have not always been mad. I have had some encounters of normalcy throughout my childhood ans even showed some 'promise' that I too would become part of the white picket fence dream that our parental units try to install in all of us. That dream shattered progressively as I grew older. Statements such as "I am not getting married" when my siblings and cousins were swooning about their wedding days, started shortly after I turned 14. They had these cut outs of dresses and all in a scrap book. I had pictures of severed heads. They wrote poems about love. Mine had detailed descriptions of what it must feel like having finger nails ripped from bleeding fists.

No, I have not always been mad. Madness was the white rabbit I followed down the hole, escaping life and that little box society always attempts to cram you into. 

If you are reading this blog, please don't excuse my language, ideas or other things I may post. I don't care if I hurt your bleeding little heart. My thoughts are not supposed to change you or affect your morality. That's your responsibility. If you want to discuss or read something different, please proceed. If not... You have been warned. 

Emily Le Strange 

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